Last Burst of Fire: A New Wheel on the Night before the Race

On the night before race day, we had a last burst of fire to change the large wheels to a new wheel

After failing the final inspection on Saturday and Sunday was the race day, we had a serious discussion on what we should do. The vehicle couldn't move with a rider on it because of the insufficient torque that was caused by the big wheels and an insufficient gear ratio. 

We were filled with exhaustion and disappointment but w were still very determined to get the vehicle moving with a rider on it. We've come this far after all.

It was another full night of hard work again. We raced against time and fatigue to get a new wheel up by the next day. By morning, we had the wheel up and the whole system was there. The only problem that prevented us from running, was the misalignment of the sprocket. 

The previous sprocket had to be forcefully removed and in that process, the motor axle was damaged. It resulted in an off-centred sprocket that let the chain slip out whenever we tried to drive. By the end of the day, the problem was slightly fixed but still had room for improvement. 
The new wheel was scavenged from the general supplies cabinet. As all the wheels there don't work by themselves, we had to fit parts from different wheels together to get a single working wheel along with the brakes. 

Our vehicle didn't get to race. Yet, I'm confident that our group has experienced many challenging problems and mistakes which allowed us to solve them with innovative solutions that others did not face. Those problems only arose because we tried something new. We weren't trying to be ambitious, we simply truly believed in making something better.

Redefining an electric vehicle was not something we were technically capable of, but we tried our best with our effort and time. Perseverance was put to the test after many sleepless nights where our group was alone in the workshop. There were disputes, but it helped us to improve. There were challenges, but it allowed us to grow and overcome them.

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