Night til dawn at IDC - Faulty Throttle

The faulty throttle
When the electrical system was all wired up, I was anticipating the first moment that the motor would spring to life. It didn't.

We had to troubleshoot every individual part of the circuit and test them in isolation to figure our where a mistake was made.

The motor was spinning uncontrollably when we were just testing out the hall effect sensors for continuity. The worst part was that the motor spins even when the throttle was not depressed. This led to several attempts at re-soldering the hall effect sensor. We even burnt our first hall effect sensor and had to replace it entirely.

It was not until dawn when I was perfectly sure that the hall effect sensor should be working fine. I then suspected the throttle. When we wired up a voltmeter to the throttle once again, we found that it now only changes by merely 1V - Charles told us that this was unusual. 

I then unwired and unsoldered the existing throttle and hooked up a spare throttle from the supplies cabinet. We finally had full control of the electrical system. 

Our trials and tribulations were not over yet. That morning when we were all exhausted and dozing off on every possible surface at the IDC, we had to solve yet another major problem...

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